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​​Project planning & consulting services for all types of renovation mortgage loans.​
203K and Homestyle loan consulting.
Serving Norfolk, Portsmouth,  Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk. Smithfield, Franklin, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Mathews, Northeast N. C. and beyond.​​
 Certified HUD 203K consultant 
As a Borrower, what is my process?

  1)    Contact a lender to get qualified for the loan. A consultant can help in choosing a 203K experienced lender.
  2)    Make the application to discover how much you can qualify for.
  3)    Select a consultant (if required) and have the property inspected for minimum property standards as well as defining              what improvements you may desire for the property.   
​  4)    Work with the consultant to detail the Specification of Repairs.
  5)    You and the consultant will then sign an agreed SoR
  6)    This document delivered to the lender will generate a request from the lender for an FHA appraisal to be performed.              This appraisal will take into account the value of the property as is as well as the improvements that you are telling the          lender you will be making. 
  7)    If the appraisal supports the loan request the loan will go to closing.  For this you must have found a contractor                        agreeing to the dollar amounts on the SoR.  The contractor must qualify with the lender.  He must provide a signed                  contract for the work and he must sign the SoR.
  8)    Loan closes. Purchase of the property is made or, in a refinance, the existing mortgage will be paid off and the                          construction money will be put in escrow by the lender.
  9)    As the contractor completes his work he will call for draws on the project. The consultant will inspect for work                             completed to standards, complete draw forms, including your signature for approval, and submit to the lender. There            is a maximum of five draws.
  10) Lender will provide payment normally in the form of a check written to both the borrower and the contractor.
  11) Once the SoR has been completed per the consultant you will be asked to sign a final draw document and a certification          of completion.
Why should I choose JBE Consulting?
With over 34 Years as a home builder and renovator I bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge to your project. Having entered the renovation consulting business because I saw an opportunity to provide better service to the home owner/buyer than existed in the markeplace, it is my desire to see homeowners realize the home of their dreams through a smooth and seemless renovation project from planning and pricing to loan closing and project completion.
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