203K and Homestyle renovation Specialists

JBE Consulting​​

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​​Project planning & consulting services for all types of renovation mortgage loans.​
203K and Homestyle loan consulting.
Serving Norfolk, Portsmouth,  Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk. Smithfield, Franklin, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Mathews, Northeast N. C. and beyond.​​
 Certified HUD 203K consultant 
Questions about the loan​​
               What is a renovation loan?
               How does a renovation loan work?
               ​How do I apply for a renovation loan?

Questions about the consultant​​
               Why do I need a consultant?
               When do I need a consult?
               Who selects my consultant?

Questions about work to be done
               Can I do my own work?
               Who selects my contractor?
​               Who defines the work that will be done?

Definitions and other questions​​
               What is a contingency fund?
               What are my out of pocket costs?
               What is an SoR or WWU?