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​​Project planning & consulting services for all types of renovation mortgage loans.​
203K and Homestyle loan consulting.
Serving Norfolk, Portsmouth,  Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk. Smithfield, Franklin, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Mathews, Northeast N. C. and beyond.​​
 Certified HUD 203K consultant 

Many real estate agents shy away from renovation loans (203K, etc).  Why?

The quick answer to that is at least two fold.
Lots of extra work to get to closing.
Lots of extra time to get to closing.

Extra work? - A realtor's extra work can be minimal with the right consultant. I like to work directly with the buyer as much as possible keeping the realtor in the loop in case they are needed to assist their buyer. That way I can usually produce a final Work Write up in a matter of a just a few days.

Extra time to closing? - Together, let's try something different.  Let's take a signed purchase contract and move it through the renovation loan process all the way to closing in less than 45 days.  It happens every day.  A well oiled realtor - lender - consultant team can actually achieve closng in 30 days when all work together.

Like most realtors I enjoy seeing happy clients when they finally have the home of their dreams.  Together, let's take some of those old fixer uppers out of the closet and turn then into our clients dream homes. The opportunities are there.

​- John